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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends

September sees the return to school for our children.  For many children, they will not have been in school since the end of March.  Through that period, our teachers did a valiant job in keeping the children connected to their education – but nothing really compensates for being in a classroom with your teacher and friends.

As you can imagine, for our two village schools, getting the children back will take a momentous effort from teachers and support staff and we thank them in advance for this.  We can only imagine the stress this is causing?  Both our head teachers: Mr Culley Mrs Smyth lead their schools with great vision and imagination; you only have to visit Easebourne Primary school or Conifers to see this – and the children thrive in this environment.  So the challenge will be: how do we continue to deliver this level of education with all the restrictions that Covid brings?  We must also remember how the teachers will cope with all this – many with young families; will being back in school bring a greater risk of infection?

We hear from the news that the government are committed to getting children back in school and I think we would all support them in this.  What we need to do as a community is support our schools as they work hard to deliver this.  As church communities we need to pray for a safe return; for protection for teachers and staff against this awful pandemic.  As wider communities we need to be aware of the children around us - the families working hard to get the children back.  But most of all, to give thanks for our village schools – for all that they do for our children, for the work they do in supporting village life and for the wonderful sense of life and energy that education in our midst brings to us all!

Derek Welsman

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