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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends,

I feel very lucky, that each month I receive through the post two magazines.  To be honest, one comes with my bank account.  Gill generously allowed me to choose which magazine we received – so I selflessly chose Bike magazine – a publication full of motorcycles; can you feel my joy?  My second magazine is Top Gear – can you see a theme here?  Now, not wanting to be selfish, I do allow Gill to read them – which she refuses to do; her choice!

Gill’s magazines (how many magazines do they get? I hear you cry) is the BBC Wildlife magazine.  She also gets a magazine with her membership of the Butterfly Conservation Trust – you can see her interests are more nature inspired than mine; make up your own mind on this.  Oh, and I forgot – we also get a magazine with our RSPB membership; how could I have forgotten that; you know I love birds!  Did I also mention our National Trust Magazine, and Gill’s National Park publication; we are awash with glossy and colourful gems.

Why I mention this, is that magazines are a really uplifting thing.  When they arrive, there is real excitement as you open them for the first time.  They inform the mind and update on the latest trends.  As a former printer, I also love the way they smell when opened – trust me on this, it is a thing to behold.  And if we are really honest, magazines look great on the coffee table.  They can even give the impression that we are somehow cultured, interested in nature – people may feel that we are somehow the ‘sort of people they would like to hang out with’ based on our choices.

So at the end of 2021, I know more about new Ducati’s Porsches and Bugatti’s.  I understand more about migrating Godwits and Geese.  My mind has been opened to the magical world of Hippo’s and I can certainly say, with confidence, that Californian Redwoods will always be better known to me.

Simple things often bring us the greatest pleasure.  In these difficult times, some of the best moments have been when we simply got together and chatted – now there’s an idea for a magazine.

May I wish you all a happy and gentle new year.  And if you see me, let me know the publications you read; maybe we could form a magazine club; now there’s an idea??

Derek Welsman

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