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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends,

Above you will find the new logo for our three churches.  The logo is designed to reflect elements of our shared life: the wavy lines are like a field ploughed for growing, they could also be the hills that surround our villages and homes.  They can also represent the water that flows through our parish -  the rivers that have shaped our valley, the Lod and Rother.

From January 1st 2021 we begin a new and exciting time for our three churches as we become one parish.  In practical terms this will make very little difference to our everyday life; still the same church families serving their villages with services and pastoral care.  Behind the scenes though, the change will begin a chapter of much closer working together with one church council representing all three churches.  This will mean that our focus will be across our three churches and their life; working closely together to deliver to our villages in a way we have never done before.  The vision for this new working is: ‘One church – three buildings’.

As you can see from the logo, our Christian faith is central to that new vision; and the cross stands proud above our names.  The logo places the names of the villages that we are part of under the new name; this shows that each church is an equal partner and will support the work that we do right across the new parish.  Lastly, and as stated above, the beautiful curves draw us into the wider context of our life; we are rural, we sit at the heart of the National Park - and we, as our rivers have always done, play our part in shaping the life that we all share together here in this place we call home.

Rural life is ever changing, and as a church we must recognise this.  We too need to adapt, making sure that we use our resources to best fit the rural life that we are so proud to be part of.  So the Priory Churches are proud to be ‘one church with three beautiful buildings’ praying, worshipping and serving at the heart of village life.

Rev Derek Welsman

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