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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends,

In my week off after Easter, and as ‘stay at home’ had finished, I decided to treat myself to a trip to Pulborough Brooks RSPB nature reserve.  If you have never been, then it is certainly worth a trip; it is a real haven of peace.  Sadly, because of ongoing Covid restrictions, the hides are closed.  But what you can do, is walk around the nature reserve and soak up the wonderful sounds of bird life and nature.

If I am being honest, the trip was also prompted by a conversation I had had with my neighbour.  As a keen birdwatcher himself, I had expressed to him my passion to see an Avocet, a beautiful wading bird and the symbol of the RSPB.  He told me that there was a breeding pair over at Pulborough.  So armed with my binoculars I set off.  And there they were – not just one, but four.  And I wasn’t disappointed – they are truly wonderful to see.  I had waited years for this moment – I had even previously been on a wasted trip to Church Norton near Pagham, because I had been told they might be seen there.

And this is the thing about nature.  There is so much to see that it can often take a lifetime to achieve.  Next on my list is the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.  If you know where I can see one let me know?

Now is the time for nature.  As I write this letter bluebells are just about to erupt.  I have spotted my first Cowslips and wild garlic and have been serenaded by my first Chiff Chaff and Blackcap.  The best bit is that this is all free to us – God’s gift to us!  And to top it all, we also have our own friendly Pheasant living in our garden. We named him Nigel, and he is magnificent.  One afternoon he invited a couple of lady friends over – but we haven’t seen them since: either his courting skills need developing or he has really bad breath - really not sure!

So, a time to enjoy.  A time to give thanks.  A time to explore!

Have great Spring everyone.

Rev Derek Welsman

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