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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends,

If you stand on the Downs above Brighton, you will see the enormous offshore windfarm out at sea.  This windfarm is part of an ambitious agenda to change the way we create electricity in our country, moving away from coal fired power stations.  Sometimes when you listen to the debate about global warming, you can feel that nothing has been done.  But when we reflect, we discover that lots has already been achieved.  Who would have thought that our recycling bins would be fuller than our normal waste bins?  How could we ever return to light bulbs in our houses that are not LED?  These might seem like small things - and there are many more - but put together, they show the progress we have made, and are making.

But, and it’s a big but, there is still so much more to do.  Cars will soon be all electric.  Many are already looking at ways of moving away from gas boilers in their homes.  So as communities and church families we must surely all play our part.

So for 2021 and beyond our church council is setting at the heart of its agenda an ambitious project to turn our churches green.  This might seem obvious, but like so many things in life, it is only when we set these goals that things truly happen.  Locally, villages have started to do the same – maybe now is our time to work right across our villages to achieve these important objectives.

So, for our churches we will be looking at how we operate in our world, reducing our carbon footprint – this will mean in our homes as well as our church buildings.  We will assess how we can use our churchyards to support nature; creating habitats that encourage bees and insects to thrive.  We will also endeavour to work with our parish councils and wider community, including our schools, to promote a greener way of life for us all.  

The world is a beautiful work of creation – let us be the generation that didn’t take this for granted, but worked with it, to build a better world for all, including the animal and plant kingdoms.

If you have thoughts and suggestions, then please let me know by emailing me at derek.welsman@outlook.com.

Many blessings

Rev Derek Welsman

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