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Letter from Derek

Dear Friends,

I just simply want to use my letter this month to recognise the incredible achievements of all those working across our communities to deliver our vaccine rollout.  It is incredibly humbling to witness our local doctors and nurses, supported by many volunteers going well beyond their usual working practises to make sure we are all vaccinated.  Right from the beginning, when we all still felt vulnerable from the January lock down, our doctors each day picked up the phone and invited the elderly and vulnerable to come in and get jabbed.  I’m not sure people could quite believe that their own doctor would phone them personally – but that is what happened.  This bought huge relief to so many and started a process of vaccination that has played its part in defeating this awful pandemic.  I often ask myself; how can we truly thank our doctors and medical staff?  In some way, I hope this letter starts a process where we all take a moment to give thanks for them.  So many times, we can be frustrated by the NHS, because of funding shortages or long waiting lists.  These are often issues of government rather than NHS – but at the point of delivery we feel it and often vent our frustration locally.  But this moment proves what a dedicated and hard-working local NHS we have.  So today I give thanks for them and pray that God will continue to bless them in their work.  We are truly grateful and ask that you accept our thanks for your achievements – you are simple the best.

Derek Welsman

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